Llamados a la libertad

by Meynet, Roland
Publisher: Convivium Press

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AudienceCatholic Interest


Meynet makes available in both English and Spanish his series on Biblical rhetoric, a unique method of textual interpretation applied to important themes in the Biblical and Semitic world. He posits that the concept of freedom in the Hebrew Bible is the guiding core of all the socio-political distinctions within Israel’s religious experience and history. This original study leads us through the experience of the people of Israel in the Exodus. It guides us into a new reading of the Law in the two narrative sections of the Decalogue, seeing it as an expression of the search for the authentic meaning of human freedom. He also introduces Israel’s Psalms as hymns of freedom. This work makes an important contribution to the field of Biblical studies and is a topic that is especially relevant for modern society.

Meynet, Roland, Author

Roland Meynet, a French Jesuit, is presently professor of Biblical theology at the Papal Gregorian University in Rome and was the former director of its Department of Biblical Theology. He is a founding member and currently the secretary of the International Society for the Studies of Biblical and Semitic Rhetoric in Rome and is one of the most important and renowned promoters of the rhetorical method as it applies to Biblical and Semitic texts. His numerous books and academic articles have contributed significantly to contemporary Biblical studies.