What the Bible Says About Prayer (Rose Bargain Books)

by Rose Publishing
Publisher: Rose Publishing

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AudienceBible Study - Individual/Group


This What the Bible Says About Prayer minibook offers help for Christians who want to know how to pray more effectively. Understanding what the Bible teaches about prayer and the importance of prayer times give us confidence that God knows us, cares about our lives, gives us strength, and listens to our requests.

You already know that prayer is an important part of building your relationship with God. So the question is not should you pray, it is how? Get the answers to these essential questions about prayer:

  • How should I pray?
  • Is there a "right" way to pray?
  • How can I teach others to pray?
  • What should I do when God seems silent?

Great for gifts, giveaways, and small enough to take with you wherever you go. Stores in most Bible cases.