Inspirational Preaching

Edited by Craig Brian Larson

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Here is an opportunity for pastors and seminary students to learn from the best. In this second book of the Preacher’s Toolbox series, more of today’s most popular Christian leaders offer sage advice on Inspirational Preaching that will motivate and encourage readers to deliver more effective and inspirational sermons. Teachers like John Piper, Brian Wilkerson, Gordon MacDonald and John Ortberg offer guidance and instruction from both personal and Biblical perspectives. Together with Book 1 of the Preacher’s Toolbox series on Prophetic Preaching, pastors and Christian leaders will have a well-spring of knowledge on the art of preaching today.

Table of Contents
The Supremacy of God in Preaching, by John Piper
The Biggest Idea in Preaching, by Haddon Robinson
Authentic Inspiration, by John Ortberg
Helping People Think Higher, by Bryan Wilkerson
Preaching the Wow Factor, by Lee Eclov
Inspired and Inspiring, by Jeffrey Arthurs
Fighting for Your Congregation’s Imagination, by Skye Jethani
Preaching with VIM, Not Just Vigor, by Bryan Wilkerson
Your Text Has Feelings, by Kenneth Quicke
Allowing Emotion to Buttress Truth, by Gary Fenton
Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Grace: Why We Preach from Psalms, by Lee Eclov
5 Veins of Deep Preaching, by Scott Chapman
Soul Deep Preaching, by Gordon MacDonald
Preacher as Advocate, by John Koessler
Preaching with Childlike Wonder, by Matt Woodley
Last Sunday You Preached Your Final Boring Sermon, by Michael Quicke
A Good Mystery, by Richard Hansen
Red Pill Preaching, by Mark Batterson
Leading and Preaching, by Paul Borden