by Robert Wicks
Publisher: Ave Maria Press

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AudienceSpirituality, Wisdom


Blending insights from Christian contemplative practice and Buddhist mindfulness, Dr. Robert J Wicks - well-known speaker, therapist, and spiritual guide - introduces what he calls "prayerfulness," a way of being truly in the present to experience God and life in dynamic new ways. Wicks offers a rich array of insights including seven practical steps, a thirty-day retreat, and a Spiritual Mindfulness Questionnaire.This creative combination of ancient wisdom and contemporary psychology is designed to help readers develop a loving, clear, and spiritually balanced outlook.

Questions on the Spiritual Mindfulness Questionnaire include:

•In your own life, how do you approach the people you meet and the ordinary activities of each day so that they become sacred?

•What preoccupies you in ways that seem to prevent you from seeing God?

•Are you someone who listens to others, or do you find that much of the time you are simply hearing them out while waiting for your opportunity to speak?

•What unfinished business from the past seems to continually intrude upon your present peace, and how do you address it in a prayerful way?

•When and how do you regularly meditate?


Robert J Wicks strives to open people who are used to giving to the miracle of receiving. He accomplishes this goal by marrying sound psychology and basic spiritual truths that set the stage for profound personal transformation. A popular presenter at workshops and conventions, Wicks is especially appealing to people in the helping professions - physicians, teachers, psychologists, and ministers - assisting them to integrate the psychological and the spiritual so they can extend their emotional flames to others without burning out in the process. He has worked around the globe - from the psychological debriefing of relief workers evacuated to the United States from Rwanda to conducting workshops in Cambodia for members of the international community assigned to help the Khmer people rebuild their nation. Additionally, he delivered presentations at Walter Reed Army Hospital to health care professionals involved in caring for Iraqi war veterans with amputations and severe head injuries. Wicks, a Queens, New York, native, received a master’s degree in clinical psychology in 1973 from St. John’s University and a doctorate in psychology from Philadelphia’s Hahnemann Medical College in 1977. In 1996, Pope John Paul II awarded Wicks a papal medal for his service to the Catholic Church. He has written more than forty books and serves as a professor of the graduate programs in pastoral counseling at Loyola College, Baltimore. 


"What makes Prayerfulness stand out is Robert Wicks's unfailing honesty and his ability to unite our everyday life to our relationship with the divine."  Joyce Rupp, Author of Open the Door (from the foreword).