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Catholic Interest

Pillars of Faith (4-Volume Set)

By Peter J. Vaghi

Stages on the Road

by Sigrid Undset

Where's God on Monday?

By Alistair Mackenzie and Wayne Kirkland

Stay in the City: How Christian Faith is Flourishing in an Urban World

by Mark R. Gornik and Maria Liu Wong
Available 30 Nov 2017

Night Driving: Notes from a Prodigal Soul

by Chad Bird
Available 30 Nov 2017

There's a Reason They Call It Grandparenting

by Michele Howe
Available 30 Nov 2017

Biblical Leadership: Theology for the Everyday Leader

by Benjamin K. Forrest and Chet Roden
Available 30 Dec 2017

Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, and the Renewal of the Church

edited by Duncan Dormer and Alana Harris
Available 30 Nov 2017

Mothers of Faith: Motherhood in the Christian Tradition

by Wilfred M. Sumani
Available 30 Jan 2018
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